Good Good Father | Chris Tomlinson

I just want to say that God is indeed a good good Father. Where I am today may not be where I want to be but I’m still grateful that I’m on a journey with Him leading me along the way. With a grateful heart, I sing this beautiful song of worship. Join me as we sing Good Good Father by Chris Tomlinson.

Reflections of the Past Year!

Hey everyone,

Today is my birthday. Woohoo!

I’m grateful to be alive and well. Grateful for what God has blessed me with. Grateful for where I am. Grateful for where He’s brought me from. Grateful for being blessed with a great family network and by this I refer to my immediate family, my sisters and their families as well as family friends. Grateful for being here today. Where I was last year is not where I am today and for that reason only, my heart is so full of praises to God. He is real and still very much interested in every of His children. In the light of thanksgiving, early this birthday day of mine I took a trip down a short memory lane to the past year.

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Praise You In This Storm | Casting Crowns

Sometimes, we go through storms and it may appear that God has left us or cannot save us. It may look like we would not come out of the situation we’re in but God never promised that we won’t witness storms. What He promised is that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Whatever the storm, He has given us the ability and His Word as an anchor to go through any storm and come out stronger than when we got in.  It may seem that He’s not being on time, remember He is not running on our own time but His time. Stay strong and praise God in that storm.


Let It Go!

Every time God asks us to do something, it’s mostly for our benefit than for His. One of the things He asks us to do very often is to FORGIVE. Forgiveness, most times, is not an easy task because it may involve us letting go of a deep hurt or pain caused by someone who more often than not, have held our trust, love or respect. We wonder why they did what they did, surely not what we were expecting at all from them but they disregarded the love, trust or respect that was accorded to them and went ahead to commit an offence or injustice against us. Continue reading