One Move!


What’s your one move going to be?

Invest in your future? Spend more time with your family? Forgive that person? Enrol for a class? Make the next meal a bit more healthy? Apply for that dream job again? Write that book? Take a holiday? Start that business? Save more?

Whatever it is as long as it is in the right direction, take that step, make that MOVE!

Start Today!

Hey everyone,

I’ve been gone for so long and it is definitely an understatement to say that I have missed blogging and interacting with you guys.


Life just got super busy and it was quite a challenge to keep up with blogging. Anyway, I hope to keep up with my posts now and look forward to an exciting rest of the year sharing my thoughts and words of encouragement with you plus some scrummy recipes on one side and more on natural fertility on the other.

I’ll like to leave you with this thought for now. 

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Keep At It!

My daughter sure knows how to persistently ask for something. Once she set her eyes on anything she wants, she would barrage you with a truckload of ‘pleases’. Even after I say, I’ll give you that later, she never forgets. She would leave for a while and come back again later to ask of you what she wants. Just yesterday, she asked me to give her a crayon and I said to her, “I’ll give you later, you just finish eating.” After eating, she came back and asked for it again and again and again till I left what I was doing to give her THE crayon.

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