Start Today!

Hey everyone,

I’ve been gone for so long and it is definitely an understatement to say that I have missed blogging and interacting with you guys.


Life just got super busy and it was quite a challenge to keep up with blogging. Anyway, I hope to keep up with my posts now and look forward to an exciting rest of the year sharing my thoughts and words of encouragement with you plus some scrummy recipes on one side and more on natural fertility on the other.

I’ll like to leave you with this thought for now. 

Many times these past months, I had the intention to come back to blogging. At some point, I got to pick up my laptop to blog but it just seemed I couldn’t get to finish what I started or even publish all the posts I’ve done up. Somehow, I just got so distracted to the point where I gave some things so much time and left some other important things unattended to.

Well, today I came to a realization that if I don’t start from somewhere or do nothing at all about blogging, it’s not going to make itself happen. 

So, here is my question for you today – what is that thing you have been putting off to do perhaps since the start of the year or many years or even some hours now? The truth is if you don’t plant today, you can’t harvest tomorrrow. As ‘duh-worthy’ that statement may sound, we all need reminders sometimes. 

Make today the start day; do something today that will count tomorrow!



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