Keep At It!

My daughter sure knows how to persistently ask for something. Once she set her eyes on anything she wants, she would barrage you with a truckload of ‘pleases’. Even after I say, I’ll give you that later, she never forgets. She would leave for a while and come back again later to ask of you what she wants. Just yesterday, she asked me to give her a crayon and I said to her, “I’ll give you later, you just finish eating.” After eating, she came back and asked for it again and again and again till I left what I was doing to give her THE crayon.

That just sends a message to me. How persistent can I be when I need to pursue a goal and achieve it? How constantly can I keep at doing what I’m doing to get my desired result? Of course, there are some things that are not worth keeping at, for instance, why would a businessman keep at using a failed module to sell his products? Instances like this require you go back to the drawing board to re-evaluate what works and doesn’t. 

However, if you’re sure that you are headed in the right direction then don’t allow numbers, rejection or slow beginnings stop you from moving forward. Sometimes, if we don’t experience things that want to get in our way of success, we don’t really appreciate success when it comes. 

So, if you’ve just started blogging and the numbers are not coming in, keep at it as long as you know you’re not doing it for the numbers but for inspiring and educating your audience. Soon enough, you will grow and the numbers will be one of the indicators of your success.

You might already be successful at blogging but have some other project you’ve embarked on and it seems you’re discouraged these days or not motivated to finish what you’ve started. Can I encourage you to keep at it?

Without being persistent, you can not overcome stumbling blocks on your way to success.

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