Mama, I survived!

On the 18th day of December 2013, my water broke and I called the Labour Ward to know if I should make my way down to the hospital, after some few questions I was asked to come down. So, my husband and I packed my hospital bag and excitedly went down to the hospital in preparation for the delivery of our gorgeous baby.

When we got there, I was checked only to see that I was just 2cm dilated but they decided to keep me in and not send me back home because my blood pressure was a bit high (that I was surprised about as I’ve never had any issue with my blood pressure before and during my pregnancy). Being my first pregnancy, I was happy to wait just in case our baby decided to show up earlier than we thought. We were told to walk around the hospital grounds to help speed up my cervix dilating and this, we did but that didn’t really make any difference.

After a long time walking and waiting, I was told that I would have to go through induction to speed up the dilation process. This process was so painful and took a long time before I was fully dilated. The moment to start pushing came and after some pushes, I was told that they could see the head but my baby wasn’t coming out as easy as was expected. So, the medical professionals started getting me ready for the theatre to deliver my baby through a ventouse.

At this point, everything happened so speedily that I didn’t have a moment to process what was about to happen. While in the theatre, I was informed that a kind of cap has been attached to my baby’s head and this was going to aid them in pulling her out. After the last push everywhere grew quiet, I had asked for a ‘skin to skin’ time but my baby was just briefly shown to me and taken away. Nobody told me what was happening until I looked at my dear husband’s face and saw really red eyes. Confused, I turned my head and what I saw brought shivers all over my body. There were some medical professionals turning my baby from side to side, trying to resuscitate her!

There I was thinking, no this cannot be happening to us and I started praying while tears filled my eyes. My God answered me right there and brought His kind of life into my baby’s body. She started breathing on her own before she was taken to the Special Care Baby Unit. She was there for 9 days receiving treatment and I remember the first time I was able to go visit her that one of the medical professionals working there told my husband and me to prepare for the worst. We didn’t give him any attention and as if he wanted to drum his message in, he came back to say the same thing and my only reply to him were, “She’s coming out perfect.”. With such a reply, he left us and I could imagine him thinking what gave me that assurance.

Well, knowing the God I serve gave me that assurance and from the very first day I knew I had conceived our baby, my husband and I had prayed for practically everything about her. In fact, we had given her a name before she was conceived at all. Yes, that was when I was dealing with PCOS. We firmly believed God’s Word will make it happen and it did.

Whatever the situation you’re passing through, if only you would hold on to God’s Word. I believe no matter how long it might take from your perspective, God will surely come through. Remember, God is not a genie. He is God!

Meet our lovely, super-intelligent, amazing and beautiful daughter Zoe [Her name means God’s kind of life]. It would take another post to share with you what Zoe can do at her age. She is indeed MY TESTIMONY!

Thanks be unto God.

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