Learn from the Times and Seasons!

Night – Darkness, Day – light. Summer – sunny days, Winter – cold and freezing days.

No, I’m not about to write on words and opposites but something very important about times and seasons. Seasons exist to teach us something. They are there as a reminder that change is ever constant. Nothing will remain as it is forever. Well, except God. Every season has its own significance and what it represents. Summer will ever be known for lovely sunny weather, ice creams and longer days. However, winter is just the exact opposite except you like eating ice cream whatever the season :).

Here is my point, no matter what you are going through today, it is a season that will give way as soon as its time expires. There may be a long winter period or a shorter summer period but one thing is certain regardless of the length of the season, it will surely end and give way to the next season.

I have been in circumstances that seem like they will never end. Many nights and days filled with prayers and tears. At those times, it seemed to me like I would never see the ‘end of the tunnel’ but you know what? Just when you think it won’t end, it sometimes suddenly ends.

Notice that in the picture above, you have the same tree going through 4 seasons. It endured each season with all the changes it brought to its anatomy and structure yet it manages to come out standing strong as ever.

So, no matter how long the night may go on for, it will SURELY give way to the break of dawn. No matter how long your situation may have gone on for, it can and will change.

Hold on. Keep Believing and hold on to the hope to see another season.


Photo Credit: Google Images

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